Effie’s Image

Effie’s Image is a picture book that honors school volunteers and the difference they make each day in schools across the country. I got the idea for this book when I was teaching first grade, and was lucky enough to have a Foster Grandparent in my classroom everyday. It is dedicated to that very special woman (Hazel) and my hope is that school volunteers across the country will find this book inspiring as they continue to change lives, one child at a time.

Effie's Image Picture Book “This is a sensitively told story of lost and found acceptance and self-esteem through not only usefulness, but through the love and acceptance of others. Underscored with soft but rich illustrations, this story engages the reader drawing one back again and again. A beautifully told story for all generations.” Author’s Choice Reviews

Effie’s Image is a 32-page picturebook for young readers written by N. L. Sharp and illustrated by Dorothia Rohner. This is the story of Effie, who turns eighty-two years old. As she traces a framed photograph of herself from her younger days, she feels depressed that she is no longer as beautiful as she used to be. She hides away in her house for so long that the neighbor girl Amanda Jaymes, begins to worry. Amanda comes with presents and advice for Effie – but can lonely Effie find a place for herself in the world? The answer lies not in the hectic grind of a new job, but in the time spent volunteering for a local grade school, where she makes a lasting positive impression on the young students. A tender and uplifting picturebook story about finding meaning in all stages of one’s life, very highly recommended.” Midwest Book Reviews