The Flower Girl, The Ring Bear: A Flip-Over Book

The Ring Bear: A Wedding Book for Kids

The Ring Bear: A Wedding Book for Kids

Flower Girl: A Wedding Book for Kids

The Flower Girl: A Wedding Book for Kids

Both of these stories are available in one hardcover flip-over book OR you can purchase them as individual stand-alone paperback books or KindleBooks from Amazon. Check out this book trailer to view the book in its entirety. If you want autographed copies, personalized by the author, N. L. Sharp, please contact her directly.


“The Flower Girl/The Ring Bear” is a great flip-over book that has vibrant appeal for both boys and girls who participate in family weddings, not to mention everyone else! Chock full of dazzling, comic illustrations and laden with 5-year-old fantasies about being a crucial figure in a large ceremonial event, “The Flower Girl/The Ring Bear” packs tons of fun into just a few pages. “The Flower Girl/The Ring Bear” would make a perfect gift for a child who is invited to participate in a wedding as flower girl or ring bearer, but it also delivers a sound message to kids everywhere about the importance of living up to your responsibilities even when they are not quite what you imagined them to be. “The Flower Girl/The Ring Bear” has added cultural educational value implicit in the clear message of the illustrations that this is a biracial marriage, in addition to the formal bonding of two different families with different views, cultural backgrounds, or lifestyles. In the end, both the flower girl and the ring bear decide to fulfill their promises despi te some disappointments and everyone agrees they are “the best flower girl and ring bear they had ever seen!” “The Flower Girl/The Ring Bear” will appeal to children ages 0-9.” Midwest Book Reviews

Flower Girl Flip Book

The Flower Girl, The Ring Bear Flip-Over Book

The Ring Bear Flip-Over Book

The Ring Bear, The Flower Girl Flip-Over Book

“Two stories of childhood misunderstandings that might bring a smile to an adult are very real problems for children. Sweet stories with illustrations that draw you into the story. Both storie, books in their own right, are put together in this two-in-one flip-over book, because the stories belong together. Fun to read. Great gift for that little ring bear or flower princess who just might not quite understand. A real gem.” Author’s Choice Reviews